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“Supaporn” and “Isika” suitable for all skin types, all ages, everyone. Give your skin the nourishment you deserve everyday. This 7-Thai-herbal soap in a spa washcloth deeply cleans, exfoliates and nourishes your skin for a silkier, brighter, acne-free skin.

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We are Thai herbal cosmetics manufacturer certified by CODEX GMP. We provide

  • Consulting in research and development on natural herbal
  • Made-to-order of herbal extraction
  • Production of all kinds of Thai cosmetics or herbal related products
  • Packaging process in the forms of sachet, jar, tube or others according to the needs

Supaporn Hacks

THAI : DIY under eyes mask with whitening facial mask cream (Aloe toxin + Honey) without using eyes cream. farewell to panda under eyesAvailable at 7-11 across Thailand. whitening facial mask cream : Moisturizes the skin.Heal acne scarsReduces skin inflammationRestoring your skin from sunburnReduce oil on the face Cucumber benefits : Contains ascorbic acid that has properties to help reduce swelling.Therefore, anyone who has swollen under eyes caused not getting enough rest , can use this method. Tea bags: Can reduce dark circles under the eyes. Caffeine may narrow the blood vessels around the eyes, And limit the flow of blood. Things to prepare : whitening facial mask cream, round-shaped cotton pad, cucumber, tea bags.